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Reflecting on Growth and Change
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17 April 2012

It has been over three months since I left my flat in New Haven, but it felt like only yesterday. I could see that last few days very vividly in my mind: half-empty boxes around me, my two large suitcases flowing to the brim, and a big tug in my chest. I sorted through books, clothes, pictures, shoes, deciding what to bring and what to toss, what to ship and what to give away. All the while I was thinking of the one important thing that I had to leave behind: the people I wished I could bring along.


It had been a time of growth and reflection, and though I knew from the start when the journey would come to an end, nothing prepared me to discovering how deep the experience and the people I shared them with have touched my heart.


Change is often scary, even when we know they are not only good, but necessary. We often resist them by drawing virtual borders around us, or allowing others to define them for us. We froze, ignoring our own knowledge that not making a decision is a decision.


We should set ourselves free. Allow ourselves venture out and explore. Embrace whatever life throws at us.  As we grow as individuals some of us may grow apart, and this is part of the reality of evolving. Change requires making sacrifices we don’t like to make. Relearning things that have become habits, Letting -go old belief that we used to hold dear.  Believe that if we open our hearts, everything will fall into place eventually.

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